Reforming the Home, Restoring the Prophetic Voice of the Church
Dr. Carlton C. McLeod, Senior Pastor, Calvary Revival Church Chesapeake

Friends, read this link and send an email...whether you homeschool or not.  ENOUGH!


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  1. ccmcleod says:

    What I sent to ABC just now….

    You should be ashamed of yourselves. Really. I cannot express the level of offense I take to this show even being on the air. As a devout follower of Christ, I pray you take this nightmare off the air and at least pretend like you aren’t totally devoid of morals.

    Pathetic and shameful. And BTW, you’d never do this to Islam. Your disrespect to the Lord Jesus is blasphemous.

    Dr. Carlton C. McLeod
    Senior Pastor, Calvary Revival Church Chesapeake
    Chesapeake Virginia

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