"I Will Build My Church"

"One of the important assumptions behind a belief in the sufficiency of Scripture is that the church is not our invention. Jesus said, 'I will build My church' (Matthew 16:18).  He has chosen to build it upon the instruction of the Apostles.  The church is not something that we should try to reinvent in every generation, for every generation.  The church should not be built by the creative efforts of His people.  The church has a Head, and He has spoken clearly enough.

Make no mistake about it — the people of God have been given clear practices and standards, and we should keep them 'on task' in every generation:

  • Preaching the Word may not be the most stylish or engaging method for your visually stimulated generation;
  • The public reading of Scripture may not be the most entertaining means of communication;
  • Celebrating communion may not be the most popular rite;
  • Prayer may not be the most exciting activity;
  • Church discipline may not be the most appreciated tool;

When it comes to that which God has prescribed for the church, our opinions do not matter.  Whether God’s standards are acceptable or popular with Christians and so-called 'seekers' (Romans 3:8) or not, Scripture calls for them to be practiced in the church."

--Scott Brown, Director for the National Center of Family Integrated Churches from this article