A Comment from a Father

A dad who is joining our church (his wife is already a member) wrote the below in his membership application.  I was so blessed by it.....

"The Family Integration teaching hit me like a ton of bricks.  The first time I heard Pastor speak on this I will admit I didn't have a lot of faith in the idea.  I had never attended a church that thought like this.  Even more, the thought that I should be the spiritual leader of my home....WHAT?!?!  There is no way I can get these kids to turn off the TV, computer, and cell phone to have Bible Study!

But you know what happened?  It worked.  The kids enjoyed it and now look to me for guidance!  I have had to step up my game too; remembering one or two verses was not going to cut it!  The kids had questions and I have to give them answers.  My youngest son was 3 when we started.  He was not a happy camper at first, but can you guess what happened?  He learned discipline!  As I was worshipping in church recently with my hands raised, I looked down at my child...who was doing the same thing...."

And these kinds of testimonies just keep coming...from moms, dads, single parents, and even those without children that are impacting others!

To Christ, and to Him alone be all praise, honor, and glory!