God's Prophetic Call for the Church

1) Reclaim the Gospel (The Message of the Kingdom) - It’s not about fulfillment; it’s about forgiveness!

2) Reestablish Holiness (The Lifestyle of the Kingdom) - God values righteousness. The underlying issue of the day is immorality (1 Thes 4:1-8). Let’s not ignore half the message!

3) Ready the Church through Stewardship (To Resource the Kingdom) - There is a fiscal famine coming. Will the kingdom be ready for future harvest?

4) Reform the Family (The Foundation of the Kingdom) - Since we are losing 70-88% of our children by the end of their freshman year in college, we must reestablish the biblical role of the father and encourage parents to disciple and train their own children in the Word.

(Prayerfully edited to add....)

5) Restore Trust in Leadership (The Integrity of the Kingdom) - Now more than ever, pastors need to see themselves as holy, humble shepherds first rather than CEOs.  Integrity must become even more important than "vision" which many times is simply "ambition."