Pastoral Pain Pt 2: Some Clarity much for my thought that no one reads this blog.  No one comments, but a few do read it!  LOL.  I'm ok yall!!!!!!!! :) :)

Here is what I was trying to say yesterday....

Pastors....if they truly have a pastor's deeply for the people they lead.  Very very very deeply.  The call is first and foremost about pleasing doubt about that.  But right after that is an overwhelming love for the saints of God, those who are lost, and those who are broken.

As a result, most pastors carry multiple wounds with new ones arriving just about every week.  And not just from one or two people that have hurt you.  From lots and lots and lots of people.  Whether those folks have died, are suffering in some area (because when they hurt, you do too), or simply left.  The best way I can describe it is getting your heart broken by multiple people/situations all the time.

Some people say "shake it off...don't let it bother's just how it is."  How is a shephard who cares deeply for people supposed to "shake off" someone suffering with cancer, or someone's marriage falling apart, or someone's child who dies, or someone who had to declare bankrupcy, or someone who is on drugs, or someone who says "I'll never leave you" and not only leaves you, but lists the 2,037 things you are doing wrong when they walk out the door and/or talks about you like you're a crimminal?

Being a pastor is a ridiculous job.  Although I'm still fired up about the message Christ has given us, I do wonder at 40 if I'll survive to 50.

If anyone has some special "shake it off" anointing, please swing by and lay hands on me. :)