Mountains that MUST be Moved!

As we said last Sunday from Mathew 21:21-22, here are some mountains worthy of walking by faith to move....

Mountains that MUST BE MOVED:

1. A generation of children being destroyed!
2. Fathers out of place and off their duty and ladies and mothers unprotected!
3. Hopelessness and depression based on worldly values!
4. Marriages in distress!
5. Unrighteousness and sin being celebrated!
6. Thousands of children starving and dying!
7. People being abused, killed, and trafficked!
8. Rampant bible illiteracy and unbelief!
9. Churches broke, weak, and turned inward!
10. The loss of the fear of the Lord!

So often, the focus of our faith is on personal wants and temporal good-to-haves.  But what if we really believed we could move TRUE mountains?