Implications of the D6 Reformation

I sure hope the CRCC saints are praying right now, and that they pray all the way through next week!  That's when we launch D6: our attempt to bless churches and families in our city with D6 Reformation principles, which have already blessed and strengthened families in our church. The more I think about what it means, the more implications I see.  And these aren’t theoretical guesses; these are things I’ve observed in my life and in the lives of many families in our church when the light came on.  For example:

1. It means fathers get activated in homes, which changes the whole dynamic of the house. This may be tough at first for everyone, but will be great in the long run.

2. It means many mothers will reevaluate what is truly important based upon the Word of God.

3. It means our love for God and His Word will be put to the test.  So will our love for others, including our children, our church, our friends, and our neighbors.

4. It means the church must be prepared to offer new strengthening and equipping strategies for every parent, marrieds and singles alike.

5. It means families will learn to talk again!  And in this process, many family patterns will be challenged and adjusted to the glory of God.

6. It means a return to biblical precepts, principles, and patterns, which won’t be easy and will inflame hell against any attempt to take this ground.  And sadly, might upset a few Christians too.

7. Many times, it will mean significant changes in how money in families (and churches) is spent.  D6 will inevitably lead to new considerations on entertainment, education, environment, and other things. Reclaiming our children has far-reaching impact.

8. It means a straight up fight against cultural norms. There is an R-rated movie that comes out today called “Friends with Benefits.” Really?!!???

9. It means families will seek out sound doctrine and the truths of Scripture from a church. Why? Because they must learn it to teach it!

10. It means social conflict. This is inevitable with any change.  But it will also mean entire families move out of the home with the love of Jesus and His Gospel!  AND it means churches will go crazy trying to reach men!

I’m sure there is more I’m not thinking of. But in all this, there are wonderful things and tough things. May Christ fill us with His love and grace, and help us take our children back….