My Visit to the NCFIC

Donna and I got back yesterday from a visit with Scott Brown, the director of the National Center for Family-Integrated Churches.  What an encouraging time we had!!  I felt Scott and I connected right away.  I just could not thank him enough for teaching me so much and impacting the Nation like he is by the grace of the Lord.

Scott Brown (far right), his assistant Tony (far left), and Tony's and my family.

And I guess that is what struck me the most.  There we were, in Wake Forest, North Carolina, in a wonderful small town, in a small store front building that many people probably walk right by and totally miss the fact that they are there...and from that unassuming, rustic and very warm town, God is literally changing America's churches.  Literally.

 NCFIC town
Wake Forest

NCFIC window
Humble but powerful!

Through men like Scott Brown and Voddie Baucham, the primary message of the NCFIC, the Sufficiency of Scripture, is getting out.  Many people think the primary message is about youth ministry or family discipleship, but that is not actually true.  The real passion of Scott's heart is that the precepts, principles, and patterns of God's word are sufficient and should be applied to every area of life and ministry.  And it is the truth of that sufficiency that caused CRCC to change and reform.  The fruit of it at our church and around the country is amazing to behold.  This map is three years old!

Changing the Nation to the Glory of Christ!

I did learn while we were there that CRCC is one of only a few NCFIC-connected prodominantly African-American family-integrated churches IN THE WHOLE COUNTRY.  In fact, I say "one of only a few" to hedge my bets, as the NCFIC team could not think of another!  Even Dr. Baucham's church is over 90% Caucasian and Hispanic.  It is still CRCC's fervent desire to see more of a blend of all races in our congregation, and we are trusting God to cause that to happen, but given our current reality, I guess CRCC weirdness can no longer be denied huh? :)

Anyway, what a great time we had.  Donna and I left encouraged, strengthened, joyful, and focused on our life mission to bring Christ glory through the vision He has given us.  I pray we were able to encourage them too! 

May the NCFIC team be encouraged despite the plentiful and passionate attacks that come their way.  May they trust God for the strength to keep lovingly advocating that which will turn the world upside down.  May they all be filled with the Spirit of God each and every day.  May they know that there are pastors like me who have been mentored from afar by their love and passion for Christ and His holy Word.  May God bless my new friend and comrade in Kingdom arms, Scott Brown, and his entire family.  Thank you sir, for allowing the Holy Spirit to use you to change our church.