The School of Biblical Evangelism


Our Simple Vision has one element that we've not been able to produce on our own for CRCC members.  If you look on the "3rd side of the triangle," we promised a "bible and apologetics class."  My original thought was to create one in-house.  But the course put together by Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron lays it out beautifully, and captures well our doctrine and evangelistic philosophy concerning what the true Gospel is, how people are saved, and how we are to lovingly and compassionately reach out to others with the Gospel. Plus, many major doctrines are covered, and from an apologetics perspective, it includes information on how to defend the Bible, refute evolution, deal with hard questions, and witness to those in other religions.

Therefore....(drum roll please)...the "official CRCC "3rd side of the triangle" bible and apologetics class will be The School of Biblical Evangelism

All CRCC members will be encouraged to go through the class (it's online).  There is a cost ($150), so the "when" will be up to each individual family.  But in all new members classes from now on, we'll encourage every member to begin taking the class within their first year with us. I am also encouraging every current member to save up and start in 2012. The class is at your own pace.

(Note: For those who find the cost prohibitive, the book "The School of Biblical Evangelism" is $16 on Amazon and has all the lessons without the online stuff, and the book "The Way of the Master" is $10 on Amazon. If you cannot take the class, please purchase and read both books.)

(PS - This doesn't mean wait until class is over to start witnessing.  Do it now! :) )

Soli Deo Gloria!