More D6 Hope!!!!!

This was written by a CRCC Dad.  Yes...I said DAD.  Praise your Name Jesus! :) :) :)


D6 has birthed Hope for my family!

April 2010 was the month of new beginnings for our family. Earlier that year we had resolved to do whatever it would take to make 2010 a year of doing and applying God’s word to our lives, rather than our frequent stance of merely hearing and expecting change in our lives.  We were desperate for true change; TRANSFORMATION! We had reached a point of spiritual stagnation! Growth was absent (at least measurable growth) and we became more and more frustrated with the direction of our lives.  This frustration paralyzed us and before we realized it, we were spending less and less time in the Word as a family and giving more of our time to the things that REALLY do not matter from an eternal perspective.  But praise God for an awakening that caused my wife and I to desperately search for some answers!  In our searching, the Holy Spirit had me to do a Google search for family churches in Chesapeake.  The results of that search led us to CRCC where we immediately connected to the vision and mission of the church.

 One of those missions, the D6Reformation, really hit home! We began to realize that we had missed a very important part of our foundation: Consistent Family Worship and Discipleship.  I looked in the mirror, repented to God and to my wife and sons and began my pursuit of multigenerational faithfulness by getting my family together for Family Worship and Discipleship on a regular basis.  From the moment we implemented this in our home, things finally all started to come together for us. The more we learned and began to intentionally apply Deuteronomy 6/Ephesians 6, our lives began to transform. The results have just been overwhelming (in a good way). Before long, the vision for our family became one that was more Godly (God inspired and influenced) than the one we initially had in place.  The influence of this culture no longer has a stronghold over my family because I am submitted to the Word as the head of my household and I will not allow the enemy or myself to lead them to a very real hell.

 This posture has also ignited the love that I have for my wife.  I have come to understand that God has appointed me Priest, Prophet, Protector, and Provider; a role in which I will be judged and held accountable for in the presence of our God.  And let me be real, I have had moments when I felt like I did not know enough of the Bible to teach my family.  Moments when I wondered what my wife would think of me and how my son’s would receive my teaching? All of these fears were overcome by my simple act of obedience to God. I no longer live in nor am I controlled by fear.  I allow my faith in our God to lead, guide and direct me in discipling my family.  My obedience has caused a whirlwind of peace and order to dwell within our family.  My wife and son’s are excited about our times of fellowship and are active participants in our Family Worship. Watching our son’s eagerly find scriptures to support our study and engaging in discussion has changed me as their father.  Holding my wife’s hand and looking at the fire that’s in her eyes while I am teaching and instructing our family has pushed me to become even more prepared by studying the Word of God, by reading assigned books, and by spending more time in prayer; rather than overindulging in extracurricular activities.  Now I can proudly declare that “There is Hope for the ----------’ family!”

 We have aligned ourselves in the Word of God, have connected to a ministry /church family that believes in the sufficiency of the scriptures, who are living, breathing testimonies (their lives model the TRUTH of the Word of God) And WILL NOT APOLOGIZE FOR HOLDING YOU ACCOUNTABLE!  The change and answers that we needed were in the Word of God all the time.  Family Worship and Discipleship has helped us discover and live God’s will for our family!  We are extremely grateful that God answered our prayers through the vehicle of the D6 Reformation.  If you have not taken a look at the information within the site, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not allow another day to pass.  Today could be the day of your family’s TRANSFORMATION!  Don’t wait any longer!