An Encouraging Note from some New Members

In response to a question on our New Members Application, we recieved the below recently.  I met with this couple today, and the encouragement they gave me was a true blessing.  May Christ strengthen all pastors with such people!!!! :) :)

Please share a few thoughts about why you want to join Calvary Revival Church Chesapeake?:

(Husband) - CRCC is a biblically driven Church, radically pursuing the cause and the person of Christ.  The Church boldly and without apology promotes a biblical world vision (worldview).  It seeks to please God by cultivating families, shining light on sin, and lifting up the Sufficiency of Scripture.  Who would not want to be a part of this???

(Wife) - I agree with my husband!  Today's "church" has gotten so far away from the true meaning of Christ's mission.  It is disheartening so see, but even more difficult (to see so many) participate in it.  When I first attended CRCC, it was like a breath of fresh air.  I finally felt like I was home again.  I know that no church is perfect, but I expect the full Word of God to be taught and not what is the latest trend.


Soli Deo Gloria!