Has it really been 15 Years?

On April 27, 1997, we launched (the then) Closer Walk Christian Fellowship.  By God's grace, it has really been 15 years!  WOW!

Anniversary time always makes me reflective for some reason, and this year is the same...maybe even greater.  I can't help but think of all the wonderful families we've had the honor to serve over the years.  All the joys and pains.  All the good times and some of the bad as well.  But all in all, our God has been so faithful to our humble church.  I just cannot thank Him enough.

Sometimes, I trip over the honor I've been given to stand up every week and speak His holy words.  I still tremble at that.  And then the honor to sometimes see people transition from darkness to light; to see people lift their hands and magnify God; to see people give their all for Christ and His Word....what a privilege!

And then there is the honor of loving God's people.  I know this sounds sappy (LOL!), but I truly, deeply love the saints of God I serve.  Sometimes its tough love (Haha!) but love nevertheless.  For fifteen years I've been somebody's pastor.  That is still amazing to me.  I've made lots of mistakes over that time, but I'm so grateful to have been forgiven and given more opporunties to serve the church He purchased with His own blood.  I've been able to walk with God's precious chosen through sickness and death, marriage and birth, divorce and unplanned pregancies, and new jobs and healings!  What a ride.

And I praise God that I've learned so much.  I'm so glad the Master was patient with me.  We've learned so much about the nature of the fight now...and why it is so hard to engage in it.  As we've gotten away from clear precepts, principles, and patterns...the battle as gotten harder:

Why the Sufficiency of Scripture is so Important

The Problem of Consumer Church

Decreasing Number of Evangelicals

May Christ give us a greater sense of Sola Scriptura going forward, and may He use our humble efforts to glorify Himself and soundly save many of those who are without Him.  May the next 15 years be filled with more fruit, more love, more obedience, more souls saved, and more glory for Christ.