15 Ebenezers & 5 Charges

Preached by my friend Scott Brown.  Here is the outline from my personal notes:


 An Ebenezer is a "stone of remembrance." (1 Sam 7:12)

Here are 15 signs or Ebenezers that God is helping and guiding CRCC, and 15 things to look back on and be thankful!

1.  A return to Scripture
2.  A clarification of the true Gospel, and the preaching of it.
3.  A resurgence of Expository preaching.
4.  A revolution in education
5.  A revival of biblical fatherhood
6.  An embracing of large families
7.  A rejection of feminism
8.  An embracing of biblical modesty.
9.  Seeing early manhood in young men.
10.  A rejection of dating culture
11.  A return to Biblical counseling
12.  Family life being reformed
13.  Adoption of Children, regardless of race.
14.  Rejection of age segregation in new churches
15.  A willingness to endure censure and rejection, slander and persecution.

5 charges
1. Remember the authority and sufficiency of Scripture!
2. Remember the indispensable center of revival...the glory of God!
3. Remember the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!
4. Remember our calling in the world to be a people who take dominion!
5. Remember the power of faith so we'll be ready when the fight comes to us!