Chick-Fil-A Implications Pt 2: A Beginning Strategy

Well, now I've had a day or so to think through my recent post, here is where I am right now:

  • There is no doubt in my mind that our enemy uses a lot of the money from mass industry against the mission of Christ.
  • There is also no doubt that many of the tools of industry help many of us teach, minister, and spread the Gospel.

So now that I've written out of both sides of my mouth (LOL), here is what I personally plan to do: ;)

  1. Keep reading and learning about the companies that both help and hinder the cause of my Master.
  2. Based on #1, minimize my usage and participation (and my church's) with companies that support ungodly causes.
  3. Cease dealing with said companies when at all possible, especially when it comes to luxuries and when lots of other choices are available.

For example, some companies that I (personally) can easily dump (like Starbucks) are totally off my list.  I'm currently looking for a way to dump google for email.  I'm also determined to use Christian companies (or at least those that support biblical values) whenever possible.  But if Delta is the only way I can get to our orphanage in Cambodia or to our churches in Haiti, I'd fly it.  If I go to Uganda to teach pastors and can put 10 needed books and commentaries on my Ipad (that I bought used), I'd use it.

So as far as tools (phones, tablets, cars, etc.), I plan to utilize products from better (biblically speaking) companies or buy second hand from believers when I can (as to not directly put money in a more offensive company) IF I feel that having the tool would enhance my ability to preach, teach, minister, and disciple my family.  I also plan to look to do business with those that don't actively hurt the cause of Christ, including more small stores.

In our interconnected industrial society, this is hard.  I don't think becoming Amish is the answer (LOL), but I don't think ignoring the issue is either.  I'm still not totally feeling the greatest about even this strategy, but after reflection it's where I am right now. 

For many people, this whole thing is probably silly.  Yeah I know.  But I have an active conscience, so pray for me! :) For everyone else, I'd love to hear what any of you came up with...let's learn and grow together! :)