I'm not the only crazy one...

2 Timothy 2:1-4 (ESV) You then, my child, be strengthened by the grace that is in Christ Jesus, (2) and what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men who will be able to teach others also. (3) Share in suffering as a good soldier of Christ Jesus. (4) No soldier gets entangled in civilian pursuits, since his aim is to please the one who enlisted him.

I had the most interesting conversation with a good friend of mine yesterday, who is also a very good, local-church African-American pastor.  Our conversation turned to the prophetic voice of the church, and specifically, the need for ministers to build both their lives and ministries in such a way as to be able to keep preaching truth.  Then he said something funny.  He said that he and his wife are purposely keeping their personal expenses down so, "if all the church people leave because of the stands I must lovingly must take on the Scriptures, we'd be ok with getting lower paying jobs."  He had actually done the math for the contingency of losing most of his church over standing on the Word...on traditional marriage as an example.  I laughed out loud.  I thought I was the only one I knew who thought and prepared that way...not to "get entangled" in civilian pursuits to the point where I'm compromised!!!  LOL!

He then told me of another pastor doing the same thing.  And these are popular, well known, "successful" young pastors.  Hmmmm.  I guess I'm not the only one that sees some tough times ahead and is preparing so God's truth can be fully proclaimed.  Notice I said "preparing," not paranoid.  There's no fear here; just reading the signs of the times and begging God's mercy that they change.  And no, we aren't talking about building a cabin and buying a gun! LOL.  Just simple getting out of debt principles and saving for rainy days so we can care for our families and stand flat-footed, loving God and the people enough to deliver the Word honestly and truthfully.

I'm a a bit off?  Yep.  Am I alone?  Apparently not! :)