Money Advice from Proverbs


Biblical wisdom literature is SO rich with practical advice and principles that it continues to blow me away.  I ran across the below PDF online.  I cannot vouch for the group who made it, but the money-related proverbs are wonderful.  Give it a read...

I believe with all my heart that God's holy church must "get ready through stewardship" for what is ahead. 

Debt Clock  Yikes! :)

There will be so many people to help, bless, and serve...we MUST become better stewards in case our Lord tarries.  Biblical prosperity doesn't come because we are saved but because we save!  LOL!  Jesus' death wasn't to make us rich with material wealth, but as Christians we still do have a responsibility to be excellent managers of what God has given.

Remember, the MOMENTUM question is, "What could the people of God, do for the Kingdom of God if they were debt free?" Let's find out! ;)

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