Remnant Recovery


I've been saying that to stop the generational bleeding of youth, we must look again at how youth are being trained (Prov 22:6).  It is my contention that discipleship is a three-legged stool: the Home, the Church, and the Classroom.  Given the worldview numbers of American adults and youth (under 10%, and that is being generous), and recent events in the states (the oncoming train of gay marriage), I realized I'm doing nobody any favors by not speaking out a bit louder, even risking offense by doing so.

In the coming days, this blog will shift from general posts to a targeted blog on what's wrong with the Home and Church, and what we can do to fix it.  Let's start easy...over the next month or so loyal readers, purchase and watch the below videos.  Each speaks to an element of the Remnant Recovery and the Reclamation of our Children.  Even if you don't totally agree, the adjustments they will promote in your family will bless you. :)

 The Church

 The Home

 The Classroom