Request to D6Reformation Twitter Followers and Facebook Friends


Greetings my Friends! :) :)

It occurred to me this morning I've never taken the opportunity to thank you all for tracking with us on Facebook and Twitter.  So let me apologize for that and say...THANK YOU, THANK YOU...and as we'd say it in my church....THANK YAAA!  :)

We are so encouraged that the Body of Christ is beginning to understand the crisis in the discipleship of youth and the 3-legged stool of discipleship...the Home, the Church, and the Classroom.  With your help, we are simply trying to raise awareness.  As you have seen, we aren't selling books, etc....and all our preaching and teaching on the subject can be viewed for free.  Here is the "foundation" message I preached at my pastor's church in 2010:


I'd like to ask for your help in 2013.  On Jan 6, we are beginning at 21 day fast.  As part of that we'll be praying for families all over America to catch the vision of family discipleship that they might Reclaim their Children through the Power of Jesus Christ.  Would you join us?  Would you considering just saying a quick prayer once per day during that time for this movement across America?  Would you also consider helping us spread the word somehow?  Not just our website, but the many good twitter feeds and websites that are dealing with this critical issue?

We'll be tweaking the D6Reformation Website in the coming months.  Please pray for us!  And please pray for the pioneering men on whose shoulders we stand in this area: Voddie Baucham, Scott Brown, Kevin Swanson, and Doug Phillips.

Because of their help, we formed a simple strategy:


We are trying to reach all Christians and Churches, but in particular we are praying for favor in predominately African-American environments.  Would you pray for us?  Thanks so much for the prayerful support, and may Christ bless you all in 2013!


Carlton C. McLeod