What I Did to Disciple My Family by Scott Brown


Hey there my friends!  Below are the notes my friend (and one of my mentors) Elder Scott Brown powerfully delivered at our recent Call to Battle Men's Conference.  I asked him to tell us what he did to disciple his four children.  Although humbly hesitant to do so, he gracefully relented.  His notes are below (reprinted with his permission).  You can get this audio message in our Call to Battle audio set from our website, www.CRCChesapeake.org.  Highly recommended. :)


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What I Did to Disciple My Family by Scott Brown

I. Four biblical Texts formed the heart and soul of everything: Psalm 7; Deut 6:4-9; Ephesians 6:1-4; Malachi 4:5-6.

II. I went back to a bygone era – I followed the example of Matthew Henry.

III. I defined femininity for my girls and put those teachings in a book: “Feminine By Design – The Twelve Pillars of Biblical Femininity.”

IV. I defined masculinity for my son put those teaching in a book: "Preparing Boys for Battle."

     I asked questions. Here are 12 questions I asked myself to sharpen my discipleship of my son:

  1. Scripture - What scripture passages does this boy need to memorize before he leaves my home?
  2. Theology - What theological books must he read?
  3. History - What historical books and biographies does he need to read?
  4. Experiences - What experiences does he need?
  5. Relationships - What men should he know?
  6. Accomplishments - What projects should he conquer?
  7. Passions - What burns in my heart that I think I should do?
  8. Skill sets - What are the skill sets that God has invested in my family?
  9. Church life - How can he more effectively study Scripture we are studying in church?
  10. Personal time management - How can I best use my driving time?
  11. Business – What business skills does he need?
  12. Battles – What battles do we need to fight?

V. I managed the day.

VI. I tightly managed (and limited) my children's time with other children...no sleepovers.

VII. I centered everything around the life of the church.


I must admit to being a bit overwhelmed by all the above (We all were!).  It suggests such a different kind of living and parental intentionality...even more different that where I currently am after several years of work on D6 principles.  One of the things Elder Brown said was that he led his family through the reading of the Bible...EVERY YEAR.  Huh?  Wha?  CONVICTED!!!!! LOL. :)

Talk about being stretched!  And...I need to write some books! LOL  ;)