Words from Pastor Baucham


Last night, after a wonderful Sunday of worship, we put the kids to bed and my wife and I watched a documentary she brought home from the Home Educators Association of Virginia (HEAV) Conference called The Monstrous Regiment of Women by Colin Gunn.  The title sounds "interesting" to modern ears, but it was orginally a title of an essay written by John Knox in the 16th Century.  The documentary traces the rise of feminism. 

Anyway, one portion of the DVD contains footage of a live abortion.  I had seen it before, but it...again...shook me to my core.  The "doctor" took the dead baby out and wrapped the baby up in paper (or some kind of cloth) like he was a fish.

Prophetic robes fully back on, I tweeted a few tweets that will surely cause me to lose a few followers, bring gentle rebukes from fellow pastors about not being loving and sensitive, and cause some to once again question my blackness.  After a fitful night's sleep, I...providentially...saw this on You Tube this morning....


Praise God for Dr. Baucham...one of the men I respect most in the entire world!  May the Lord bless him and his courageous ministry.  Thanks Voddie.  Love you man.