10 Areas to March About

I can think of at least 10 areas more important than racism and self-defense laws for black folks (and indeed, all folks) to march about. In these areas, marching on Federal buildings isn't the answer, as the solutions aren’t “federal.” Maybe we should march around our kitchen tables and television sets?

Ok…so nobody gets me wrong, I haven’t spoken out on the trial because honestly, I don’t know what really happened. Trayvon’s death is tragic and we mourn for his family. But I still don’t know what happened. So I’ve had to trust in a sovereign God and pray.

I guess all the discussion and attention about race right now got me thinking again of critical areas that might actually move the needle in black families if addressed….all in my opinion, much more important than racism. Maybe there should be marches about these?


1. Fix the family. Kill the scourge of fatherlessness, out of wedlock births, and the subsequent baby momma drama and poverty. Promote a march about biblical abstinence, courtship and marriage!

2. Preach the Gospel. Get the progressive and prosperity/breakthrough preaching out of black churches (all churches!) and stick to the Bible.

3. Abortion. 3000 babies per day are killed by their mothers. 1000 of those babies are black. Genocide...that we support!

4. Educate children biblically. The Bible becomes the foundation of education and all of life from an early age.

5. Eliminate the gangster, ghetto, prison-glorying, slave, drug, cussing every fifth word, trifling, culture. The crime statistics are plentiful.

6. Government dependence. Sounded like a great idea in the 60s. Killed manhood and the family.

7. Biblical womanhood and modesty. Yes…I said it. Put some clothes on. How about a Cover Yourself rally?

8. Stewardship. A “Budget, Savings, Contentment, Investing, and Inheritance” March! In 1958, MLK said black folks buy what they want, and beg for what they need.

9. Kill the victim thing. Don’t be a victim. Raise your family to love God, love others, walk in righteousness, live by Scripture, work hard, and repeat generationally. Seriously.

10. Group–think. Goodness…we must think and reason biblically! “Amen preacha preacha” without a biblical worldview is why we are here!

Oh well, I’m sure some will hate this. I just couldn’t contain it any longer. I closed the comments because...well...because I have enough drama just trying serve our church.  I just hate the race thing and prayerfully, this will encourage someone.  As an adoptive father, my two girls have alot of "white" in them.  And we love their birth family.  They are part of OUR family.  Should I love my daughters any less because of melanin content? 

Also, and please love me anyway, I’m tired of thinking of myself as a black American. Can I just be a Christian, 43 year old, husband, father, and American? Please?