F.A.C.E. Field Trip!

Had a wonderful tour today of the Hall-Slater Library at the Foundation of American Christian Education (www.face.net) here in the beautiful City of Chesapeake VA.  They are doing wonderful work in the areas of biblical education, biblical worldview, training homeschoolers and teachers, preserving primary source materials that helped the Founders of America frame our Constitution, and so much more.  Encourage all to read their core values:

Core Values

And I HIGHLY recommend a copy of the Noah Webster 1828 dictionary to you.  Regardless of whether you homeschoool, use private school or public school, or even if your children are long out of school (LOL)...if you ever look up a word, every Christian home should have one of these!

The 1828

Check out some pics.  I was totally geeking out today!  All I needed was my Spider-man lunch box with a bologna sandwich.  LOL

IMG 00000477
IMG 00000478
IMG 00000479
Dr. Carole Adams, Founder of Stonebridge School
IMG 00000480
IMG 00000481
IMG 00000482
IMG 00000483
IMG 00000484
IMG 00000485
IMG 00000486
IMG 00000487

Any CRCC folks interested in a tour?  Fun stuff! :)