Staying in Position, Keeping Your Joy

A few couple of weeks ago during our Sunday services, I felt prompted to ask Elder Wilson Rose to share his heart with CRCC.  I'm so glad he did!  I was so moved by what he said I asked him to jot down his thoughts for me to post.  This is what he sent me.  Thank the Lord for good leaders!


Staying in Position

From time to time if you listen to the Holy Sprit He will ask you, "Where are you?" He is not asking for your physical location but rather where are you as it relates to your relationship with the Father. When He asks this it normally means you are out of position or you are starting to get out of position. For me personally it normally means I am not spending the time with him that is required for my spiritual development. He wants you to actually answer the question by looking at your relationship with Him and began to peel it apart.

For example: I would say; Lord I have not been reading and praying like I should. I have not been meditating on your word and I am not trusting You like I should. If you assess yourself honestly and repent to the Lord He will help you to quickly get back into position. IF you do not answer the question you will find yourself drifting further and further from the Lord. When this happens you are taking off the covering that He has on you for your protection and substituting it for something that cannot cover you. When you are not covered you become subject to attack from the enemy in areas that you normally are strong in. You are now in a weakened state; and if you are weak you are unable to engage in spiritual warfare.

At that point you get tired of getting beat up and began to get discouraged. After discouragement sets in you will start to go back to things that you were delivered from (Egypt). We were delivered from sin and every time we sin something dies because the wages of sin is death. If you cut off a branch from its vine it does not appear to be any immediate change to the branch but if you monitor it over the course of a few days you will began to visually see the impact of the brach being separated from its source of life. Sometimes the drama we experience is a direct result of us stepping outside of Gods covering and try to do thing our own way.

Do not grow weary in doing good. Stay in the Word even when you feel like it’s not making a difference. It is important to read the Word of God everyday. Trust in the Lord and do not lean on your own understanding. Keep praying even if you feel like God is not listening.

Stay in position!

Keeping your Joy

Our joy in the Lord is essential to a productive Christian life on the earth. The enemy’s goal is to kill, steal and to destroy anything that looks and acts like God. His goal is to get you to define joy as your square footage, the car you drive and so on. Although it is nothing directly wrong with having these things you cannot allow them to compete with your relationship with the Father.

The joy of the Lord is your strength.

If you have allowed the enemy to deceive you and you have lost your joy;ask the Lord to restore to you the joy his salvation and uphold you with a willing spirit. Repent to the Lord and ask him to help you to thirst and hunger for righteousness again. Although this may seem like very basic knowledge to the average Christian this is exactly where the enemy operates. While you are so focused on what may be the big issues he is operating in the background sifting you slowly.

--Elder Wilson Rose, CRCC