So I'm in the Pulpit on Sunday... our second service, and I start hearing voices.  Seriously.  Not audible.  Just really strong mental impressions.

Ok...nobody freak out.  It may have been just me.  Maybe it was the food I ate the night before.  But I'm just reporting the facts.  I heard (Edit:"felt" is probably more accurate):

--"What you are saying makes NO sense to them."

--"This is a waste of time.  They don't and won't get it."

--"They are not understanding.  Give it up."

--"This church won't grow like this."

--"What you are saying is all jumbled and mumbled and nonsensical."

--"You are not a very good teacher.  You are losing them."

--"This is all so confusing.  They are confused."

Not kidding here.  Now those who know me know I'm not the "I heard a voice say" type of preacher.  The safer route to me has always been to simply present the Text of Scripture in context.  But I'm telling you...this was so clear.

So I began to pray to the Lord for help and somehow got through the service, fighting for each word I said next.  After service I met with our new deacon-selects and their wives.  My first question was, "Friends, did that message make ANY sense at all or did I sound like Charlie Brown's teacher?" LOL! :)

They reported the opposite.  According to them, Christ's vision and commands for us (what I was preaching) was very clear, concise, connected, and Christ-honoring.  We were simply looking again at the commands of Christ for CRCC discipleship (we call those commands our "vision"), which emcompases the full-preaching of the Gospel, small-group fellowship accountability, family reformation, holiness, helping others, a biblical worldview/education, biblical manhood/womanhood, and biblical stewardship.  But we do recognize that many of these areas are hot button areas.

Sooooo...what in the world was that?  Am I losing it or was that the devil?  What say you?