The Reformation Continues...Just Had to Share!

Below is an email I recently received.  I met a wonderful Christian sister at the Foundations of American Christian Education (F.A.C.E.) leadership conference.  We were fortunate to be able to minister at this conference and distrubute D6Reformation materials.  Anyway, this wonderful sister took our Battle for the Children DVD back to California, gave it to their youth director, who "in tears" drove it to their pastor's home.  Below is the email the pastor sent to his entire church. (Names changed.)

Please understand, we take NO CREDIT Soli Deo Gloria! Half the stuff in the DVD I learned from Voddie Baucham anyway. LOL.  I'm just posting this that CRCC and all who subscribe to D6Reformation principles might be encouraged.  It ain't over yet! :)


My Dear Ones in Christ,

Over a year ago, I preached a series of messages during the Sunday morning worship services titled Homeland Security.  It had to do with God’s mandate for parents to disciple their children and was based on the Words of God that are found in Deuteronomy 6:6-9.  Christian parents need to understand that mandate to disciple your children is your mandate not that of the church.  At best, through Children’s Church, AWANA, and Youth Groups, Christ Bible Church comes alongside of you, supporting you in fulfilling your mandate.

I came home from a motorcycle ride this past Sunday afternoon to find a DVD on my doorstep.  It was titled The Battle for our Children by Dr. Carlton McLeod, Pastor of Calvary Revival Church in Chesapeake, Virginia.  I have just finished watching it and will watch it again.  In one message, Pastor McLeod covered everything and more than I did in four weeks from the same passage.  His call is clear, the failure to answer that call is grave.  Today, children who have been raised in Christian homes and brought up in Christian churches are abandoning their faith in droves.  What has gone wrong?  As the senior pastor it is a question that I must prayerfully lay before the Lord.

I wanted to purchase a copy of this DVD for every family in the church, I don’t have an extra $2,000 to do that but I did find the message, preached in its entirety on YouTube.  I will tell you up front that it is an hour long sermon.  But I am begging you make the time to watch this video.  I am asking every staff member of Christ Bible Church as well every elder and deacon and every Children’s Church teacher and every AWANA leader to please watch this video. Seldom have I ever asked you to watch something like this but today I am asking, from the bottom of my heart. 

If you say, I don’t have a spare hour in my schedule, then I will give you permission to miss a Sunday service at Christ Bible Church and watch this instead one Sunday morning.  I feel that strongly about the Christ Bible Church family seeing this video.  I am sure that we can all find that hour somewhere in our week.  It would be a great video to watch during an evening one night instead of your favorite news broadcast or your favorite television show or sports event. There is only one thing at stake, the eternal souls of our children. –Pastor Tim