Election Day in VA, but Seriously....

…please know dear friends that regardless of the results, an ungodly train has already left the station.

Not that voting isn’t important…it can be.  And yes, I voted.  And when we vote we must do so through the lens of Scripture, voting for godly candidates.  But at the risk of dashing hopes, I don’t believe any political leader will, by himself or herself, shift the tide of unbiblical worldview and the subsequent results that have overrun America.  I mean right now it’s not even close.  If you look at what is being advocated in America, the current moral and socio-economic downward trends (even in the church!!), the worldview numbers (scary scary stuff!), media and cultural norms, etc…you’ll see what I mean.

Seriously friends…the slide into an unbiblical economic system over the last several decades is hardly challenged by believers, as one example.  We don’t see the connection between “how we do money” as a country, and how doing it wrong creates conditions that are hostile to biblical Christianity.  We might deal with this in another post, but for expediency think Russia, China, Cuba, France, Canada, and increasingly, the UK and America.

The most a godly civil leader MIGHT be able to do is slow the bleeding, but probably not even that at this point in most cases.  The problem is more foundational.  Our politics reflect who we are and what we believe.  They reflect what we’ve been taught and where we’ve placed our hope.  They reflect the outworking of our worldview.  Friends, this is just one man’s view, but the solution really is a return of the Prophetic Voice….or put more specifically:

1.  A Reclaiming of the Gospel
2.  A Reestablishing of Holiness
3.  A Reforming of the Family
4.  A Readying through Stewardship
5.  A Restoration of Leadership

And this must happen in each individual family and church…for at least a generation…if we are going to see any real shifts.  Only then will the current remnant turn into revival.  Oh…you don’t believe we are already in remnant stage?  Really?  Yes there are lots of churches…but umm…look around! :)

So regardless of what happens in our current election cycles, each head of household and pastor must proclaim and live out the the Gospel: forgiveness of sins in Christ alone.  They must model and insist on a loving holiness in their spheres of influence.  They must protect the biblical family and ensure they are evangelizing, discipling, and teaching a total biblical worldview to their children.  They must “unplug” as much as possible from ungodly economic thinking and dependency, get out of debt, and save/build family wealth.  And they must encourage strong, godly, biblically qualified leadership in the home and the church.  And here is the catch…this must happen on a LARGE scale.

So in my opinion, as important as elections are, there will be no political savior.  We need pattern houses…homes and churches…on a massive scale, and the influence thereof for a generation.

Then and only then might America repent and change….by the grace of God.