Quote from Andrew Murray

"I feel as if I must once again gather up all in the two lessons: the danger of pride
is greater and nearer than we think, and the grace for humility too.

The danger of pride is greater and nearer than we think, and that especially at the
time of our highest experiences.  The preacher of spiritual truth with an admiring
congregation hanging on his lips, the gifted speaker on a Holiness platform
expounding the secrets of the heavenly life, the Christian giving testimony to a
blessed experience, the evangelist moving on as in triumph, and made a blessing
to rejoicing multitudes, no man knows the hidden, the unconscious danger to
which these are exposed.  Paul was in danger without knowing it; what Jesus did
for him is written for our admonition, that we may know our danger and know our
only safety.  If ever it has been said of a teacher or professor of holiness, he is so
full of self; or, he does not practise what he preaches; or, his blessing has not made
him humbler or gentler, let it be said no more. Jesus, in whom we trust, can make
us humble.

Yes, the grace for humility is greater and nearer, too, than we think.  The humility
of Jesus is our salvation. Jesus Himself is our humility.  Our humility is His care
and His work.  His grace is sufficient for us, to meet the temptation of pride too.
His strength will be perfected in our weakness.  Let us choose to be weak, to be
low, to be nothing.  Let humility be to us joy and gladness. Let us gladly glory and
take pleasure in weakness, in all that can humble us and keep us low; the power of
Christ will rest upon us. Christ humbled Himself, therefore God exalted Him.
Christ will humble us, and keep us humble; let us heartily consent, let us trustfully
and joyfully accept all that humbles; the power of Christ will rest upon us.  We
shall find that the deepest humility is the secret of the truest happiness, of a joy
that nothing can destroy." --Andrew Murray


This book, written in 1895 by Andrew Murray, is a must read and can be found online, legally, for free.  Here is one link:

Humility by Andrew Murray