The Gay Challenge


Below is a link to an article by Dr. R. Albert Mohler Jr., the President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and a link to the new, free E-book he and others recently wrote.  This book, God, the Gospel, and the Gay Challenge answers another new book by a man named Matthew Vines.  Vines is a Harvard educated "Christian" who has gained some notoriety in recent years in his advocacy of gay marriage and his position that homosexuality and the gay orientation fits within a biblical worldview and ethic.  He's even gone as far as saying that he is out to change the church and wants to send "undercover" members to infiltrate conservative churches to subtley shift the church from within.  Link

I STRONGLY recommend you download Dr. Mohler's book and read it.  Part of any pastor's job is equipping, and that is my motive here.  Friends, in this current hour the tide of homosexual perversity and its political, cultural, legislative and media pull is enormous.  Churches and Christians all over are wondering what to make of all this, and many are actually looking for a way to be "loving" and affirm this lifestyle as normative, if for no other reason than to avoid all the strife and being labeled a hateful bigot.

But the Bible is clear.  Homosexuality is sinful like adultery is sinful.  Both need to be repented of by believers...not advocated for!  Vine's work is deceptive and tricky and will lead many astray.  Be warned, be prepared to minister in love, and pray for those bound by this sin. 


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In Christ...our only Hope.