A Worldview Issue... Among Other Things

I received the below email.  Take a read....

I'm not trying to be political...I'm really not.  And I might contact Senator Warner, but I seriously doubt he'll all of a sudden co-sponser a bill to stop abortion when a child can feel pain.  You know...getting his or her neck severed, burned alive from the inside out, and ripped out of his or her mother's womb to be discarded like trash.  Nope...doubt he'll move one iota.

Why?  Because it's likely that he (and many others) BELIEVES it's right to keep such a thing legal.

I recently attended an Emergency Pastor's Summit in Washington D.C., where pastors and leaders of all ages and ethnicities from around the country gathered to pray and to attempt to discern how we can stop the overwhelming perversion sweeping over the Nation.  Many good things were said and lots of good information was presented.  But as I sat there, one thing became clear to me again...what we are seeing is the result of Worldview.

We are experiencing the massive influence of a secular humanist, pagan, marxist worldview.  From unbelievers this is understandable.  But many times, believers...those saying "Amen!" on Sundays, nevertheless take on a humanist mindset when it's time to fight and advocate.

So what do we do?  First, recover the courage to preach the Gospel in its fullness.  Second, there must be worldview training in our discipleship, preferably flowing out of homes where fervent family discipleship is underway and increasing numbers of fathers are on the wall.  Third, tackle the education issue...where the majority of this humanism (with media a close second) flows into young minds and hearts.

Until this begins to happen on a massive scale (imho), we may or may not win some political and policy battles, but we'll keep losing the bigger spiritual battles generationally.

Thank the LORD that ultimately, He wins, and will make everything right.