Reverence, Awe, and a Consuming Fire!

On Sunday, I taught the message: Reverence, Awe, and a Consuming Fire!  Our God is certainly worthy of the first two, and is most definitely the second!

A brother in Christ pointed out that in some of the best manuscripts (and those used to translate the ESV), the word for reverence is actually “eulabeia” and the word for awe is “deos” in Greek, which simply means “fear.”  The Strong’s dictionary I used was keyed to the King James Version, where “aidōs” is the word for reverence, and “eulabeia” is the word for awe.  So depending on which version you are using, you might see either Greek word.

A small thing to be sure, but I wanted you to know.  The conclusions are the same:

To reverence God acceptably is to have a heart that is:

  1. Aware of one’s own sin, and is therefore not overly proud or boastful.
  2. Modest…seeking to place all attention upon Christ in every way.
  3. Childlike in faith and fear, simply willing to obey God.
  4. Absolutely, positively unwilling to offend Him!

Our worship should be:

  1. Passionate, but not out of control!
  2. Expressive, but according to Scripture!
  3. Fervent, but with a reverent fear!

May we offer our God worship that pleases Him! He's so worthy!