The Church...what is going on?


There is so much happening right now it is hard to process.

As I write, yesterday a coward killed nine precious people in an AME church is Charleston, South Carolina.  They were in a Bible Study!  Heart is broken.  But there is so much more...

A church was recently set on fire in Israel.  Christians are being slaughtered in Africa and the Middle East.  The Western moral crisis is fully underway with almost no biblical worldview, unbelief on the rise, and a looming vote by the SCOTUS on gay "marriage."  

Racial animosity is at a level that I've not seen in my 45 years...even in the church.  A massive debt crisis.  Gender fluidity?  What in the world is that?  The destruction of the family.  Continued killings on our streets.  Human trafficking.  Perversions against children.  Pastors divorcing.  Even good Bible-teaching churches having to endure strife over what the Bible says.

It is overwhelming.  It is of the devil no doubt.  He simply wants to destroy.

But through it all, we must be determined to love and obey Jesus.  Preach Jesus.  Preach His Gospel and the fruit of it.  Walk in holiness.  Reform the Family.  Be a good steward.  Be a humble leader.  Preach a biblical worldview. 

But saints, we need to pray.  We need to be faithful.  We need to hold on to one another and encourage The Church.  The entire Church is under in the Lord's Body worldwide.  

Now is NOT a time to shrink back.  Now is a time to join hands, lift one another, and make disciples.


PS - Wrote this just 3 weeks ago!

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