A Picture of Christ and His Church

The Bible is filled with pictures.  Beautiful pictures.  Another way to say this is that often, the Bible speaks in types and anti-types.  One natural reality points forward to a greater spiritual reality.  Marriage is like this.

In Playbook, I wrote that marriage:

1. Provides societal and individual stability according to God’s design
2. Provides a training ground for children according to God’s design
3. Provides a visual representation of Christ and His church according to God’s design

In other words, biblical marriage speaks to the world! It speaks through strong families who take care of one another across generations and through the raising up of godly children who are subsequently released into society with Christ as their focus and His will as their agenda. It shows the world a visual picture of the loving and gentle but firm leadership of Christ (i.e., the husband) and Christ’s respectful, honoring and submitted bride, the church (i.e., the wife). Marriage cries aloud and spares not! These blessings must be sought after again. Marriage must be reformed!

Number three above declares that marriage is the "type," Christ and His church being the ultimate point, or the "anti-type."  Biblical marriage "points" to Christ and His church!

Friends, Satan is always trying to "pervert the pictures."  Manhood is a picture of Christ's gentle headship like womanhood is a picture of a strong but submitted church.  Modesty is a picture of a transformed heart that thirsts for holiness.  The Lord's Table is a picture of the rest and blessing we'll have with Christ in eternity.  So Satan mars the pictures!  Why?  Because they speak and declare the wonders of God!

See your marriage this way, and watch it change!


Solus Christus