Free Copy of Addressing Love Concerns

On Sunday,  June 28, a precious church member, almost in tears, thanked me for again touching on the "love issue" in my sermon, especially in light of the disastrous SCOTUS decision concerning gay "marriage."  She remarked that many brothers and sisters in Christ are tripped up by this very issue.  

After the decision, The White House infamously tweeted: #LoveWins.  Many "Christians" rejoiced.  This again shows the widespread loss of the Fear of the Lord and the massive misunderstanding by the church of what true, biblical love actually is.  Biblical Love is always Lawful.

Below is a free copy of the PDF of the first chapter of my new book, The Playbook: Five Strategic Plays to Restore the Prophetic Voice of the Church in America .  It addresses the love issue head on, showing the biblical connection between love and law, God's wonderful love and God's perfect moral standards.  My desire is that it might be used for equipping in this area and freely sent to anyone who might benefit from it.  Share it with friends and family! 

Believers must be encouraged to stand biblically on the "love issue" and non-believers who read it might even hear the Gospel while reading!  Let it be so Lord!  :)

May this chapter help some in your sphere of influence, in Jesus' Name.

Addressing Love Concerns