Taking Back the Family...Exhortation and Some Pics!

Friends, in April 2015 we had the honor of hosting our Call to Battle 2015 Conference, Taking back the Family.  The messages preached by Voddie Baucham, Scott Brown, Courtney McBath and myself, in my opinion, laid out a good biblical road map for beginning the journey to recover and reform family:

Conference Messages:

  • Session 1: McLeod- First things First: The Gospel
  • Session 2: McBath-The State of the Family: How We Got Here
  • Session 3: Baucham-It's Not Like Being Black Part 1
  • Session 4: Baucham- It's Not Like Being Black Part 2
  • Session 5: Baucham- Understanding Biblical Manhood and Womanhood
  • Session 6: Brown- Discipling Children: Family Worship & Education
  • Session 7: McLeod- Financial Stewardship in the Home
  • Session 8: Brown- Family Economies
  • Session 9: Brown- Encouraging Singles & Solutions for the Single-Parent Home
  • Session 10: Baucham- The Role of the Church in the Home

I cannot recommend these messages strongly enough.  They are VERY timely, particularly Dr. Baucham's messages on "It's Not Like Being Black" where he explodes the thought that homosexual rights are civil rights. You can find all the messages HERE.

We have simplified the purchased options and lowered the prices: $50 for all the audio messages, and $90 for all the DVDs.

It was a great conference and we are very thankful to God.  Below are a few pics.  Thanks for considering the  messages, and DO NOT QUIT working and trusting God for reformation!

Solus Christus!