Ten Immediate Things YOU could do to Fight for LIFE!

It’s 3:53pm on July 28, 2015 as I write.  Shortly before lunch, I viewed the third video released to show Planned Parenthood’s overwhelming, demonic evil.  I won’t link to that video here, but you can find it if you desire.  But not on the mainstream media websites.  They won’t cover it. 

Planned Parenthood and their “partners” harvest and sell baby parts.  They celebrate the killing of babies (abortion) and we now clearly see they also profit greatly from dissecting and distributing the dead baby’s organs.  They are federally funded (our tax dollars) to the tune of over $500 million dollars yearly.  The President supports them.  So does most of the Congress, including many so-called conservatives.  My “blackness” is sometimes criticized because I don’t support this.  I cannot support anyone who cannot figure out marriage (one man and one woman) and the evil of murder.  Sorry.

I cannot eat.  I am physically nauseous.  I wanted to tweet much and rail against this darkness, but I’m sure I’d be misunderstood.  Besides, the Twitter rule for pastors is “always be nice.”  So there’s that. 

Prayerfully and hopefully constructively, I’m trying to pour my sadness and anger into something positive.  Maybe then I’ll be able to eat dinner.  Or maybe not.

Anyway…just off the cuff, here are Ten Immediate Things YOU could do to Fight for Life:

1.       Pray.  Begin (if you aren’t already) praying FOR mothers-to-be in tough situations and AGAINST abortion providers.  The industry is pure evil.

2.       Preach the Gospel!  Yes…tell people about the Author of LIFE, how He gave His LIFE because of our sins, and also to give LIFE eternally!  Not sure how ANYONE who embraces His message can approve organizations like Planned Parenthood.

3.       Teach your children a biblical worldview as it relates to LIFE.  It’s all in there…in His inerrant and sufficient Book…the Bible. 

4.       Encourage your pastor in this area.  In love, email him today!  Depending on your context, he might be afraid to broach the subject for fear of loss or conflict within his congregation or going against the common Government-Baal worship (idolatry) so ingrained in Western culture.

5.       Encourage all in your sphere of influence to fight for and uphold LIFE.

6.       Support LIFE ministries with your time.  I volunteer my time on the Board of our local Crisis Pregnancy Center as one example.  Some minister in front of abortion clinics.  Others counsel young girls in crisis.  Whatever…do something!

7.       Support the same with your money.  We give to what means something to us.  So give to churches and ministries that fight for LIFE.

8.       Consider Adopting.  All cannot.  Many can.  SO many children need godly families…RIGHT NOW.

9.       Be a foster parent, or at least consider it.

10.   Contact your state and federal legislator and tell them to defund Planned Parenthood and support LIFE or respectfully, you’ll work to get them out of office.