The Beauty Of The Church

CRCC family:

The Church, by her very nature, should reflect the beauty and wonder of her creator and Lord, Jesus Christ. It is upon Him alone that the church is built (see Matt 16:18; Eph 2:20).  At CRCC, we’ve been trying to cultivate this beauty for quite awhile…


Let us consider:

  • The beauty of honoring the Lord’s day
  • The beauty of discipling our children
  • The beauty of being accountable to a small group of saved sinners
  • The beauty of using resources for His glory
  • The beauty of reaching out to others with the whole Gospel
  • The beauty of serving one another and the community
  • The beauty of becoming a true family, enjoying times of fellowship, hospitality and love

And a few other things:

  • The beauty of seeing God’s Word as sufficient for life and ministry practice
  • The beauty of walking through Scripture to behold the purity and love of the Lord
  • The beauty of biblical marriage, singleness, manhood and womanhood
  • The beauty of forgiveness and mercy and walking with each other through difficulties
  • The beauty of Word-driven prayer and Scripture-regulated worship and preaching

In all of our imperfections, may you see the beauty of the Lord’s Church.

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