The Eve Controversy

The Eve Controversy

I haven’t watched a full political debate this entire election season.  Last night, I continued that trend during the GOP Debate in New Hampshire.  However, my wife and I did watch a few segments, and we caught the one in which the question was whether women should be forced to register for Selective Service when they turn 18 as must men.  Selective Service, historically, is used when our Nation must draft people to fight in the armed forces.

And we heard, in our opinion (which prayerfully, is informed by the Bible) some VERY shaky answers.

I made this statement in the opening of a recent sermon on the Value and Sanctity of Human Life:

Every woman’s issue is controversial.

Friends, it’s true.  From her hair to keeping her home, her modesty to her meek and quiet manner, her being under headship to her headcovering, it really is true.  Should she have children?  How many?  Should she work outside the home?  Should she homeschool?  Should she be able to abort her own children?  Should she lead men in the church?  Should she take her husband’s last name?  Is keeping a home still important?  Should she dress modestly or are yoga pants ok?  Should she be able to be a SEAL or Army Ranger?  The President?  An Elder or Bishop?  The household breadwinner on purpose (the man voluntarily staying home while she works, not due to a job loss, etc.)?  You name it, and if it is a woman’s issue, there’s some heat to it today, both in the church and without.

Now hear me.  I’m not throwing stones or judging.  This is simply true.  Everything about who she is and what she should or should not do is disputed.

By contrast, most still agree on men’s issues.  Most believe he should work outside the home.  Most still agree he is responsible for providing in some context.  Most still agree he’s suppose to be a warrior, both spiritually and 2am during a bump in the night or on a battlefield in a hostile country.  Most still agree he’s supposed to lead…at least in some way.

But for the precious daughters of Eve, things are not so simple.  The controversy in women’s areas are Promoted by feminism, Perverted by Islam (as one example of perversion), and they Petrify the Church!  Petrify the church?  Yes!  Yet in light of the influence (more like the takeover) of feminism (where God-designed distinctions between the sexes are shunned) and the perversions of Islam in our day (where women are treated horribly, like property), the Church has a marvelous opportunity!

The Church can display for the whole world, God’s loving design for women!  That they be honored and protected!  That although her role is different, she is a joint-heir with men in Christ!  That motherhood is beautiful!  That she is valued and her role as a helper is critical!  That femininity as displayed in Scripture, reflects a heavenly vision!  That she is strong and confident in her LORD and what He has commanded of her!

If Scripture is God’s loving heart towards His people, and if Christ and His Gospel are our lens through which we must see the world, we find that Biblical Womanhood is not only beautiful, but is unveiled and affirmed by God.  If we look only to Scripture, we can see clearly what God wants for His beloved daughters, and everything about that is beautiful.

The question is, “Will we look to the Bible, and look honestly?”

For the record, my wife and I DO NOT want our daughters registering for Selective Service, nor do we want them forward deployed in the sandbox with an M16 on patrol in full battle rattle.

Don’t judge us. ;)