Too Hard Pt 2

Part one is here.

It’s ugly out there.  Politically ugly.  Socially ugly.  Economically ugly.  And even in some cases, ugly in the church…that place where the Scriptures are preached but seldom obeyed, because “that was for then not now.”  (Mercy Lord!! :))


We are looking at the Presidential race and see ugliness.  We are looking at the various laws, vetos, and protests in Georgia and North Carolina and see ugliness.  Family?  Ugly.  Media?  Ugly.  Terror?  Ugly.  Economics?  Ugly.

And yet the things necessary to see change in a generation are barely a focus at all.  Why?  They are too hard.

Yes, we must fight legislatively and legally.  By all means.

But politics is downstream of culture, and we lost the cultural wars quite awhile ago around the family table and in the pulpit and classroom.  Even Christians have fallen for the Isms…marxism, socialism, feminism, etc.

The answers are in the Gospel, and building a life based on Scripture.  They are in the precepts, principles, and patterns of the Holy Word.  For example, “A disciple is not above his teacher, but everyone when he is fully trained will be like his teacher.”  (Lk 6:40)  At a minimum, to allow our children to be educated by the State and made good marxists by most universities will ensure this all continues.


Too hard.