The Exact Wrong Answers

The Exact Wrong Answers

Looking around social media and observing the current cultural trends is very frustrating.  Is it me or are we, as a society, pressing towards the Exact Wrong Answers?  I’m referring primarily to the Christian community….

Recently I’ve read lots of “smart” comments by “smart” people.  Lots of “smart” people have proposed solutions to cultural ills.  Many “smart” commentators and entertainers and politicians and even preachers have lots of “smart” ideas about how to make everything better.  Lots of big words are thrown around to describe the “isms,” with “impressive” direction given to overcome (or in some cases, promote) them.

To be clear, this happens on the “left” and the “right,” by male and female, by black and white and brown, and by old and young.

Here’s what I’m not hearing enough of though:

Society’s ills are due to our abandonment of God and His Word.

Oh yes, many say that, but what they MEAN by that is baffling.  We all know we need to say that, but goodness people, how in the WORLD do we say that and GO RIGHT OUT AND PROMOTE what is contrary to that?

I submit every generation to some degree, thinks it is smarter than God.  Culture is rife with impressive sounding speeches, ideas, articles, and tweets dripping with man’s so-called wisdom.

To be clear again, I’m not talking about politics per se.  It’s an election year, so everyone’s frame of reference is so HillaryCruzBernieTrumpified, that I want to avoid confusion.

Oh friends, in His great love and mercy, the Father sent the Son to die for our sins, and has given us His Word.  His Word is inspired, infallible, inerrant, and sufficient.  To build life and ministry upon it is to build upon the Rock! (Matt 7:24-25)

Why are we looking every place else for answers?

Why are Christians taking the word of God-haters over Scripture?  Why have we so easily and totally defined ourselves by culture instead of Christ?  Why do we think, look, and sound so worldly?  And why isn’t there a call from pulpits across the Nation to repent and conform to the loving commands of Christ?

  • How should family look?—-> Bible.
  • Manhood/Womanhood? —-> Bible.
  • Morality and Law? —-> Bible.
  • Church faith and practice? —-> Bible.
  • How should we handle our money? —-> Bible.
  • What are youth supposed to do? —-> Bible.
  • How should elderly be cared for? —- Bible.
  • Education? —-> Bible.
  • How should the “isms” be addressed? —-> Bible.

Now, this doesn’t mean we’ll all come to the same conclusions of course; we are too sinful for that! :)  But shouldn’t Scripture at least be the starting point for Christians?

So much Christian counsel in books and conferences seems to recapitulate worldly, and sometimes straight up pagan dogma.  What is wrong with us?  Why do we “judge the law,” placing culture and carnal desires in-between Scripture (Jam 4:11) instead of judging ourselves by Scripture (1 Cor 11:31)?

Obviously, I need a vacation. :)  But I think the questions are valid.  

May Christ help us approach His Word with child-like faith, taking the simple commands of our Heavenly Dad as His loving instructions.  And may we humble ourselves, repent of our arrogance in thinking we know better, and be healed.