6am Prayer Day 1

Merciful Father,

This morning, I feel a burden from Thee to lift up CRCC Leadership.

So Master, I set them before You…the Pastors, Elders, Deacons, of CRCC.  LORD, these men are tasked with carrying so much.  They have been entrusted by You to shepherd and serve the flock of God.  The burden of leadership can feel just like that, a burden.

But Oh LORD, Thou art merciful and gracious, kind and loving. Thou art a God of strength and deliverance.  Thou art the God who spoke and all things came to be!

LORD, CRCC is Your Church.  You command it.  You also command its’ leaders.  Send Thy Spirit again in power!

LORD, increase our humility.  LORD, help us to understand the nature of impartation…that leaders communicate something to the saints even when they aren’t talking.  Help leaders to know that the church will rise no farther than we do in the things of God.

LORD Christ, rebuke the devil and all unclean spirits around them.  Crush our pride.  Fill us again with the Holy Spirit and with fervor for Thee.  Help us desire holiness. Help us to love as Thou hast loved.  Help us to walk according to the precepts Thou hast laid down for Thy church, that Thy House would not be a source of confusion, but peace.

LORD, bless their precious wives, who are also carrying the burden of local church leadership, by example.  Oh LORD, I’ve seen the stress and struggle.  Please lift up these women of faith to a holy standard!  Oh Lord, bless them indeed from the crown of their heads, to the soles of their feet!  Oh LORD, help them see how precious and needed they are…that their example makes or breaks so much for so many!

Master, I’m so grateful for these men.  May CRCC honor them at a greater level, and may the leader take every opportunity to point others to Christ and to help our church walk according to all that Thou hast given us that Thy loving and powerful hand might be upon CRCC in greater measure.

As leaders, we repent of our sin and ask for your forgiveness.

In Jesus’ Name,