6am Prayer Day 3

Merciful LORD,

I come unto Thee this morning asking for one thing for CRCC: JOY!

Sovereign LORD, I’m asking You to give unto us, overwhelming, life-changing, all-encompassing, Holy Ghost empowered Joy in every area of our lives!

Joy that is independent of all circumstances.  Joy that flows from our faith in Thee.  Joy that is based on what You did on the Cross.  Joy that is rooted in Thy Precepts.  Joy that is greater than happiness.  Joy that only increases when the bad report comes!!!!  Joy that isn’t subject to what day of the week it is!!  Joy that looks forward to heaven wherein we shall gaze upon Thee forever and ever!

Yes oh LORD…please grant Thy people unspeakable JOY by Faith!

LORD Jesus, we are in such a battle.  All around us the world shakes its fist at Thee.  Even in Thy Church, we balk at Thy goodness; our haughtiness is on full display as we cast Thy Word aside to please men.  We can read the signs of the times and know that the globe is heading for disaster. 

But YOU oh LORD are Master of the Globe!! YOU are KING and LORD, and YOU are above all things!  Great is the LORD, and greatly to be Praised!

YOU oh LORD have spoken the end from the beginning!  YOU alone oh LORD have all dominion and power!  YOU King Jesus rule and reign and YOU Father will make all things new!  From everlasting to everlasting, Thou alone art God and there is none besides Thee!  YOU are the Creator of all things and YOU alone are mighty to save!

So Thy people have every reason to walk in the Joy of the Kingdom.  Oh LORD, grant our church the JOY OF THE LORD, that our strength in Thee might rise!

Father, I’m praying You grant every family a new and powerful JOY.  Every person a new and powerful joy.  Let them rejoice today and be exceedingly glad!  Jesus is LORD!  Jesus reigns!  Jesus is coming back again!

Father, I’m praying You grant us joy in worship.  Joy when we sign together!  Joy when we pray together!  Joy when we see each other!!!  LORD, may there be less heads hanging down and feeble knees!  May there be less frowns in our countenances.  LORD, may you grant us the peace that comes from keeping our minds stayed upon Thee, obey Thee, and walking in sweet fellowship with Thee!

Father, I’m praying for joyful, happy children in our homes!!  I’m asking You to do a powerful work in our teens!  Grant every 20-something an overwhelming sense of joy despite the pressures they are under!  Imbue every person and ever godly relationship with a JOY they haven’t yet known!  Joyful singles!  Joyful mature saints!  Joy while we serve!  Joyful worshippers!  Joyful unto obedience!  LORD, even joy on social media!!  Hallelujah!  Please LORD!

Oh LORD, let us place our trust, confidence, and hope in THEE!  Let us never forget Thy power, love, forgiveness, grace, authority, and mercy!

You have saved us!  You have purchased us with Thine own blood!  Thou hast called Thy people the apple of Thine eye!

We are totally unworthy of the gift of joy, for we are daily sinners.  And yet Thou hast declared Thy desire that our joy might be full!  Praise your great Name!

May CRCC become a church that rejoices at a greater level.  May we joyfully enter into Thy Presence; may it be with joyful praise that we enter into Thy courts!  May CRCC remember that Jesus is Enough!  Break depression!  Break sins!  Break sadness and loneliness!  Break strongholds!  Break pride!  Break cynicism!  Break nitpicking and gossip!  Break unfaithfulness!  YOU are too GOOD a Savior for those things!  Replace with Thy peace, love, and your JOY!  Heal us with Thy JOY!

Yes oh LORD, we ask Thee for greater JOY.

We love You so much Jesus!