Random Prayers and Thanks in 2013!

Happy New Year friends!! :) :)

Here are a few things I'm thanking God for and praying for in 2013.  Do you have any?

  1. Thanking God for my family, for a roof over my head, food to eat, and reasonable health.
  2. Praying to be a better leader of our family worship and teaching times, and a better personal evangelist.
  3. Thanking the Lord for my church family.  What incredible, humble, loving people! :)
  4. Praying for our church and its protection against the hand of the enemy.  The attacks were relentless over the last two years.
  5. Thanking the Lord for the understanding He has graciously given us of His Word.
  6. Praying for the homeschool movement.  Homeschooling is going to grow rapidly, and face the attacks that come with that.
  7. Thanking the Lord for the lives saved and people baptized in 2013!
  8. Praying that CRCC connects the "vision" dots and sets their minds to the work of making disciples this year.
  9. Thanking the Lord for America.
  10. Praying that our Nation repents.

And Praying for the Vision of CRCC!!!

Suggested reads/re-reads/skims during our 21 Day Fast to help you pray and connect or reconnect the dots:

• Reaching: Stop Dating the Church by Joshua Harris and CRCC Website Vision links
• Teaching: Turning the Ship by Dustin Guidry; Family-Driven Faith, Voddie Baucham
• Releasing: The School of Biblical Evangelism by Ray Comfort and Radical by David Platt

 Discipleship Vision















May the Lord bless this simple, relational, attempt to facilitate discipleship through preaching, teaching, and sacraments on the Lord's Day, care group accountability, family worship, stewardship, personal evangelism, and humble service to widows, orphans, and the poor.

Worthy Goals for 2013


Worthy Goals for 2013, for the glory of Christ...

  1. More consistent personal prayers and Bible study. This includes reading large portions of Scripture and good a book per month.
  2. More passionate family discipleship, less carnality in my home.
  3. More joyful hospitality with new families, friends, and neighbors.
  4. Continue missions support to widows and orphans.
  5. Share the gospel at least weekly.
  6. Be a better supporter of the church and its leadership.
  7. Save more, invest more, give more.
  8. More family fun!
  9. Walk in a higher level of personal holiness.
  10. Get in better shape. Seriously. :)

Anyone in?

Selfishness and Sin


1 John 3:4 - Everyone who makes a practice of sinning also practices lawlessness; sin is lawlessness.

The essence of sin is man’s transgression of the commands of God.  To sin is to violate His holy standards.  It is disobeying or not conforming to God's law in any way.  But let me also say that the impetus of sin is selfishness. Can you think of a sin that doesn’t involve an “I want?” Think about it….

  • Pride?  This is the motive of sin in us.  Flesh wants what it wants.
  • Lust?  This is to unlawfully want what we want.
  • Jealousy/Envy?  “You can’t have that; I want it.”
  • Murder?  "I want to kill you." Or maybe… “It’s not convenient for me for you to live.”
  • Lying?  Self-preservation, aggrandizement, or advancement.
  • Idolatry?  That when we decide to worship gods we are more comfortable with.
  • Not giving God one day in seven?  That's about our schedules, our leisure, and our comfort.
  • Greed?  Again, that says, "more for me."
  • Disobeying parents?  Again, about how we feel and what we want.

So then sin, at it’s core, is about us, not Christ

In fact, the spirit of the age is humanism.  You could call it self-ism.  So if this is true….

Then why do so many churches and preachers foster this attitude with ear-scratching (2 Tim 4:3)?  Why are so many books about what we can get from God?  Why are so many programs offered for spiritual consumers?  When the church becomes about man and man’s desires, it actually flows with a sinful paradigm.  Look at church marketing.  Look at our ads.  "Best church in such and such city!"  "Awesome youth ministry!"  I know I've done this too.  :(

Great care must be taken to keep the focus on Christ and every mindset God-ward.  For so many, it’s not “let’s go worship;” it’s “let me go get my blessing.”  Me. My wants.  My felt needs.  My desires.  What I’m comfortable with.  What is best for me.

This destruction (that we cultivate!!!) manifests in other ways, then we wonder why “Christians” say and do stuff like this:

“I don’t want to be married.  I don’t want to be a parent.  This church isn’t meeting my needs.  I ain’t forgiving anybody!  Forget this I’m out.  I’m not giving.  I’m not serving.  Their choir is better.  I don't 'feel led' to evangelize.” Etc.

God’s Word is perfect.  All that is needed for our healing is there…it just doesn’t look like it to modern eyes sometimes.  I wonder if we don’t preach the whole counsel of God because if we did, we know people would leave for blessings and breakthroughs.  We’ve fostered a massive, sinful attitude of Christian selfishness for decades.  We are so blanketed with it we can't always see it.  And we are paying a price right now. 

The prophetic voice reminds us to crucifiy self and sinful desires, and find our ultimate blessings and security in Christ and His finished work alone.

2 Timothy 3:1-2 ESV - But understand this, that in the last days there will come times of difficulty. (2) For people will be lovers of self…