CRCC Membership

We are excited about welcoming you into our fellowship! Below is our membership process. We believe every member of the Body of Christ should also be connected through membership to a local church. The church is where we come together to worship Christ, where you are taught the Scriptures and held accountable so you can grow, and where you develop Godly friendships and begin to express your gifts. It is where you partake in the Lord's Supper and where you experience baptism. It is where the saints are equipped to fan out and impact the world with the Gospel! The church is a big deal! So it is our desire to get to know you and make sure you know us too prior to covenant membership. I look forward to spending some time talking with you and your family!

Carlton C. McLeod
Senior Pastor

Please complete one form per family

Step 1

Please read the following before filling out the membership application below.

Fill out the membership application below or request a physical hard copy from our office.

Step 2

Membership Interview with Dr. McLeod (or a designated leader). You will be contacted within one week of submitting your application online to set your appointment. Please call 757-548-4673  if you do not receive your call.

Step 3

Attend and complete Covenant Life Class.