Does CRCC have a children's or teen's ministry? What about a nursery?

After a long look at what the Bible says about church-based youth ministry (it says...well....nothing by the way), and the fact that the church in America is losing 70-88% of its youth after their freshman year of college (despite all of our programs), we decided to make some changes. We have come to the conclusion that the overall effectiveness of the church-based separate classroom model for youth evangelism and discipleship has not worked. Therefore, CRCC has ended age segregation on Sunday mornings, in our Care Groups, and in most of our ministries. Instead, we have shifted towards a more biblical model where children are welcomed into our services, parents are encouraged and expected to oversee what their children are learning, use pulpit messages as opportunities to teach their children at their level, and simply take full responsibility for discipling their own children (Deuteronomy 6; Ephesians 6). So yes we do have a youth ministry....Parents! Please review our detailed thoughts on this subject and what some of our parents had to say about it at the links below: