Six Days of Humility

"In the life of earnest Christians, of those who pursue and profess holiness, humility ought to be the chief mark of their uprightness." --Andrew Murray

I believe humility is THE key right now to our church moving forward, overcoming the evil one, and walking in a new peace with our Lord and love one to another.  Please consider studying these sermons and notes, and allow God to humble you under His hand, that He might exalt you in due season! (1 Pet 5:6)



True humility comes when, in light of God, we have seen ourselves to be nothing, have consented to part with and cast away self, to let God be all.
— Andrew Murray

So our motive for humility flows out of the Gospel and becomes the fruit and witness of the Gospel of our Lord!
— Dr. Carlton C. McLeod




I believe that submitting to God is the first key to successful spiritual warfare. One must be willing to surrender everything to Christ to be in position to consistently see the devil’s schemes and fight back.
— Dr. Carlton C. McLeod

May we never lose our fear of the God we love. May we never forget the holy nature of the sacrifice of Christ. May we never treat His sacrifice as a common thing, but rather present reverence to Him and adore Him!
— Dr. Carlton C. McLeod




Hands speak of our actions and hearts represent our motives and desires. We cleanse our hands and purify our hearts through confession and forsaking our sins, both outward and inward.
— William MacDonald

True humility is very difficult for us. If we cannot truly see ourselves (sinners, saved only by grace) truly humbling ourselves before God, then submitting ourselves will be next to impossible.
— Dr. Carlton C. McLeod