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The Outreach Ministry Team serve the church by equipping the saints for evangelism, and outreach opportunities. We have partnered with others; both locally and globally, to share our time, talents and our financial resources to reach those in need of the Gospel. We also encourage our families to "serve as a family" and equip them to make soul winning and discipling others a part of the family routine.

Scripture References: Matt 28:18-20, Acts 11:1-18, Luke 10

Local Missions

  1. Prison Team
    This ministry team will correspond with residents of local prison systems and minister to those who are incarcerated.  Our goal is to uplift those who do not have hope and encourage those who are walking with the Lord.  
  2. Food Pantry Team
    This ministry team provides consistent support and volunteers for Harvest Church's benevolence ministry, the House of Blessing (HOB).  The HOB benevolence ministry is responsible for providing food and finances for those in need in our area.  
  3. Evangelism Team
    This ministry team conducts and coordinates street evangelism, event evangelism and abortion clinic evangelism. This team will teach and train those who would like to learn more about the Bible in its entirety, learn how to defend their faith effectively, and know why they believe that the Bible is not only Gods word but is totally inspired by God.

Global Missions

This ministry facilitates discipleship by ensuring that CRCC has a balanced focus, ministering not just inwardly, but outwardly as well. This ministry coordinates with Calvary Alliance of Churches and Ministries on mission’s opportunities, ensures we fight to protect the unborn, and provides updates on upcoming missions related events.  

               Pastor Rodney Wilson

               Pastor Rodney Wilson

Interested in serving on any of the Outreach Ministry Teams? Complete the Volunteer Service Ministry Application  to get connected!

Reaching Volunteers Needed:

The House of Blessings Food Pantry Team 

Reaching Resources:

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