Restoring The Prophetic Voice Of The Church In America (DVD Set)


Restoring The Prophetic Voice Of The Church In America (DVD Set)


Here is the truth:

  • Less than 10% of professing Christians in the United States have a biblical worldview.
  • Only 5% of CHURCH teens possess a biblical worldview.
  • 70-88% of youth raised in church abandon Christ and His church by the end of their freshman year in college.
  • 80-90% of people making professions of faith in Christ in our churches fall away in ONE YEAR.

Only 46% of born-again adults believe in the existence of absolute moral truth.

How can this be?  How can we stop the erosion taking place in the foundation of the church? 

Join Dr. Carlton C. McLeod for a series of seven messages on A Calvary Revival: Restoring the Prophetic Voice of the Church in America. In this series, Dr. McLeod walks through Mark 11:12-19 and reveals crucial areas that the church must recapture:

  • Part One: The Church in a Pickle
  • Part Two: A Heart of True Repentance
  • Part Three: Reclaiming the Gospel
  • Part Four: Reestablishing Holiness
  • Part Five: Readying the Church through Stewardship
  • Part Six: Restoring Trust in Leadership
  • Part Seven: Reforming the Family: The Foundation of the Kingdom.

The Church CAN regain its prophetic voice by declaring what "thus says the Lord" in key areas of life! Sola Scriptura!

Includes: DVD - 7 Sermon Series

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