A Call to Battle: "Taking Back the Family!"

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A Call to Battle DVD Case 3d image.jpg

A Call to Battle: "Taking Back the Family!"

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The main issues in society are due to people who cannot or will not self-govern according to God’s Word. The Lord designed the primary training ground for such governance to be the family. The most devastating losses in this Kingdom battle are happening before we get to what we normally see as the battlefield. We are losing the fight in boot camp-OUR HOMES. 


Join Carlton C. McLeod, B. Courtney McBath, Voddie Baucham and Scott Brown as they lay out a clear biblical vision for what the home should be and what it can become. They will provide a strategic road map for restoring a biblical family model, strengthening family; while encouraging family evangelism, discipleship and ministry.


Conference Session Topics Include:

  • Session 1: McLeod- First things First: The Gospel
  • Session 2: McBath-The State of the Family: How We Got Here
  • Session 3: Baucham-It's Not Like Being Black Part 1
  • Session 4: Baucham- It's Not Like Being Black Part 2
  • Session 5: Baucham- Understanding Biblical Manhood and Womanhood
  • Session 6: Brown- Discipling Children: Family Worship & Education
  • Session 7: McLeod- Financial Stewardship in the Home
  • Session 8: Brown- Family Economies
  • Session 9: Brown- Encouraging Singles & Solutions for the Single-Parent Home
  • Session 10: Baucham- The Role of the Church in the Home
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