Dr. Carlton C. McLeod

Senior Founding Pastor, Calvary Revival Church Chesapeake
Bishop, Second Diocese, Calvary Alliance of Churches and Ministries

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Dr. McLeod is a native of Columbia, SC and grew up in Upper Marlboro, MD. In 1987, he enlisted in the United States Navy and reached the rank of O-3 before the Lord called him into full-time ministry. In 1997, He and his wife Donna established Closer Walk Christian Fellowship. After much prayer, Closer Walk Christian Fellowship changed its name to Calvary Revival Church Chesapeake in 2005.

In 2002, Closer Walk Christian Fellowship was accepted into the Calvary Alliance of Churches and Ministries, which was founded by Bishop B. Courtney McBath. In 2004,  Dr. McLeod was appointed Executive Director of Calvary Alliance of Churches and Ministries and in 2010, was appointed as Overseer of the Second Diocese of Calvary Alliance of Churches and Ministries where he serves pastors in the United States and the Caribbean Islands.  In July 2012, he was consecrated as Bishop of the Second Diocese and in this position he continues to serve the churches to the best of his ability.

Dr. McLeod is relentless in his pursuit to compassionately teach with a biblical worldview.  After spending his early years in ministry attempting to pull young people out of the kingdom of darkness with all the world’s methods, the Lord led him back to the Bible to see the critical need for constant, fervent, and Spirit led biblical family discipleship. The D6 Reformation.org was created out of this desire.   His other passions in ministry include: 

  • Discipleship and the D6 Reformation: the intentional discipleship of our children by their parents.
  • Debt Free Living
  • The Covenant of Marriage
  • The Sufficiency of Scripture
  • Servant Leadership with Accountability, Integrity, and Obedience to God
  • Family Integration – Biblical Manhood/Biblical Womanhood
  • Missions

Dr. McLeod's latest book project is noW availAble

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In 2006, he coined the phrase “Jesus is Enough." Since that time, through his expository teaching style, He has consistently taught and truly believes that Jesus is the answer to every question, the solution to every problem and the greatest breakthrough we will ever receive. Jesus is Enough for any and every situation! In his latest devotional journey through the scriptures entitled, Jesus is Enough!, Dr. McLeod recorded the journey that he and his church has taken to free them from the temporary confines of this earth and how they now live with true joy in the Person and Work of Christ and his Gospel.

Dr. McLeod earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Science from Hampton University; a Master of Theology and Doctor of Ministry from Andersonville Theological Seminary. He and his wife Donna have been married since 1992. They reside in Chesapeake, VA with their three children.

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