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Biblical Discipleship is incomplete without being released into joyful service. As we commit our lives to serving others, we walk not only in the message of Jesus, but also with the heart of Jesus and in the power of Jesus. Everyone has been given gifts and talents that God wants us to use for His ministry. Whatever your experience, abilities or time commitment, CRCC has a place for you to serve!

The Service Ministry team serve our church by facilitating an atmosphere of worship, reverence, tracks each new member's initial and long term service to the church and cares for all serving leaders. 

1:  Helps Ministry Teams:

Serve by greeting everyone as they enter for into the sanctuary for worship. This team prepares people for a positive worship experience by welcoming and seating guests.

  • Disciples (Men)
  • Youth Disciples (Young Men)
  • Hostess (Women)
  • Youth Hostess (Young women)

2:  Praise Worship and Arts Ministry Teams:

Serve by setting the atmosphere for people to encounter God through worship music and dance.

  • 1 Voice Choir
  • Radiant Generation Youth Choir
  • Gideon Team Praise and Worship
  • Youth Praise Dancers
  • Combined Adult and Youth Dancers
  • G-U-I-Dancers
  • Minstrels (Band)

3:  Technical Arts Ministry Teams:

Serve by maintaining a distraction free environment through camera, lighting, sound and visual elements.

  • Audio/Visual/Multi-Media
  • Video Production

4:  Covenant Life (New Members Class):

Serve as the entry point for prospective members to integrate into CRCC.

  • Administration
  • Ministry Placement

5:  Marketing:

Serves by pursuing growth opportunities for the body of Christ by equipping and assisting CRCC ministries  with proper marketing promotions and event planning assistance.

  • Events
  • Promotions
  • Communications


               Pastor Bobby White

               Pastor Bobby White

Interested in serving on any of the Service Ministry Teams? Complete the Volunteer Service Ministry Application to get connected!


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